The Absolute Advantage Podcast is proud to be part of the C-Suite Network. Our show is about learning from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, leaders and achievers at the top of their game. When you’re chasing your dreams, there isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, shorten your path to success by learning from stories, strategies and concepts shared by our guests. Then shorten it even further by learning about amazing resources (books, webinars, tools, software, coaching, events, etc.) that should be on your radar. You are not alone in the challenges you face! It’s my mission to help you walk away with at least one idea you can apply each episode and to offer content that inspires, encourages and helps you grow and progress QUICKLY both professionally and personally. Welcome to the Absolute Advantage Podcast!

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Kelly Hatfield

Host, Co-Founder and CEO


Kelly Hatfield is co-founder and CEO of Enginuity Advantage, Advantage Staffing Group, Enginuity Virtual Recruiter, Impact Real Estate Real Estate Group and hosts the Absolute Advantage podcast. She has been in the recruiting and HR field for over 20-years and loves serving others. Kelly, along with her amazing business partner, have created and developed three successful businesses aimed at matching exceptional talent with the top organizations. Kelly and her team strategically align themselves as “The Partner of Choice” with clients and strive to be the first place clients call when they are looking for extraordinary talent, service, quality, and reliability.


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