On the Schmooze, a C-Suite Radio Headliner, features networking expert Robbie
Samuels interviewing talented professionals from different fields as they share untold
stories of leadership and networking. He explores how they built strong networks and
overcame challenges on their way to becoming successful leaders. Robbie wraps up
each episode by underscoring a few key take-aways, something you can put into action
that week that you’ll benefit from for years to come.

Every other week, On the Schmooze is a solo show where Robbie shares practical
networking tips and techniques. These shorter episodes are perfect for busy C-Suite
professionals on the go. Insights from Robbie and his guests will help you achieve the
leadership position you’re seeking, build and sustain your professional network, and
find the work/life balance that works best for you.

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Robbie Samuels

Podcast Host & Professional Speaker

Website: http://www.OntheSchmooze.com

Robbie Samuels, host of On the Schmooze podcast, has been recognized as a networking expert by "Inc." and "Lifehacker," and profiled in "Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It." Since 2009, his engaging and fun presentations have helped a wide array of audiences increase their confidence when it comes to relationship-building – whether through networking, fundraising, or sales. His clients have included Marriott International, Cornell University, and PA Consulting to name a few. He passionately believes everyone should stop wasting time networking and shares how through his signature session, “Art of the Schmooze.” Learn more about him and his work at www.RobbieSamuels.com.

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