Every CEO, CFO, and senior leader IS a unique story, and these stories are shared on Executives After Hours and C-Suite. Unlike many other podcasts that focus on organizational tactics or market trends, Executives After Hours aims to share authentic conversations with real leaders. We chat about their personal journeys, rather than their current positions. So, sit down and join us on these hour-long conversations on C-Suite Radio where we talk about successes and failures, from childhood to marriage and beyond. Across these interviews, you learn about common traits of successful executives as well as what animal best represents their management styles, what they want their gravestones to say, and how they define happiness.

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Dr. James Kelley


Website: http://www.drjameskelley.com

Dr. James comes to C-Suite Radio having accumulated an eclectic set of experiences, which allows him to quickly connect with his guests. He obtained a Ph.D. in International Marketing from The University of Western Australia and has been fortunate enough to live in four divergent countries (U.S., Australia, Japan, and United Arab Emirates). James is a serial entrepreneur or as he terms it, edupreneur. Edupreneur is an individual who starts multiple businesses while working as an academic at a university. Additionally, he is the President and CEO of Brave Endurance Well-Being Consultancy that is based in the Middle East. Personally, James is married (one of the more crazy stories as to how he met his wife) and has four kids.

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