The brightest minds in disruptive technology and personal development brought together for tech entrepreneurs. From nanotech to biotech, from lean methods to growth hacking and mindful meditation to biohacking!

I absolutely love speaking to fascinating people and aim to cover topics others typically don’t, to bring you something new that can make a difference in your business. Also, I think we all have superpowers.

Together, we can move civilization forward.

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Allan Isfan



Allan Isfan is an engineer, an entrepreneur, the former CEO of MyEventApps and Director of Business Development at He started his career in 1991 developing chips for telephony and broadband and soon got the startup bug. We was an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) with a VC and ultimately helped launch several very successful startups. Allan is super curious about people, technology, superpowers and achieving the imposible.

Producer and Editor

Kaitlin Isfan

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