In less than the time it takes you to drive to work, Steve Miller shares how YOU can generate an unfair advantage over your competition.

Almost every industry today struggles with the increasing commoditization of their products and services...putting considerable pressure on prices and margins...leading to fiercer and fiercer competition. (Duh, you already knew that.) Instead of "better, "faster," and "cheaper," you need to be a ROCK STAR at Branding, Marketing, Innovation, and the Customer Experience! Welcome to UNCOPYABLE BUSINESS with Steve Miller presented for you on C-Suite Radio.

Based on his new book:

UNCOPYABLE: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

UNCOPYABLE BUSINESS shares Steve's unique strategic philosophy, including real-life examples of businesses already achieving clear, hard-to-copy differentiation in their marketplaces. Learn how you, a C-Suite member, can create an unfair advantage over your competition and build unbreakable attachments with your customers.

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Steve Miller

Kelly's Dad, Marketing Gunslinger


Steve Miller is the author of the new book, "UNCOPYABLE: How to Create an Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition."

"Meetings & Conventions Magazine" calls Steve the Idea Man for his non-traditional approach to marketing and branding. Steve calls himself Kelly’s Dad. That’s who he is. His business title is Marketing Gunslinger, meaning he helps businesses grow by achieving what he calls “Uncopyable Superiority.”

Steve is an author, a professional speaker, and business advisor, known for his edgy, no-spin-zone perspective. He’s the son of the co-inventor of the 8-track, played on the PGA Tour, worked in the copper mines of Arizona, and even worked in Hollywood (all of which means he’s basically unemployable).

Since founding The Adventure LLC in 1984, Steve’s consulting clients have ranged from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 mega-corporations, including Proctor & Gamble (advising on the Swiffer WetJet product launch), Boeing Commercial Airplane (the 777 launch), Nordstrom, Starbucks, Caterpillar, Philips Electronics, Coca-Cola, and Halliburton, to name a few. He has also consulted for most of North America’s largest exhibitions, including CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the International Manufacturing Technology Show, the International Home & Housewares Show, the Work Truck Show, AAPEX, and the Sweets & Snacks Expo.

Steve has presented over 1500 speeches and workshops around the world for corporations and trade associations in 126 different industries, including the prestigious main TED Conference. Besides his seven books, Steve has written for, and been featured in, over 250 publications, including "Fast Company," "Business Week," "Fortune," the "Wall Street Journal," the "Washington Post," and Highlights for Children. (OK, he made that last one up.)

You have crossed into a No Spin Zone.

Producer, Smokin' Hot Wife

Kay Miller

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